How did Madcat get past the Sectret Service, climb up the 
outside wall of the White House, and 
peer in the window?
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HIP No. 5
(77 Pages)
Contributing Reviewers: Larry Eisenberg, Kim Field, Douglas Tate, Winslow Yerxa
Cover Photo: Kenny Loggins presents a custom-made, specially-inscribed Filisko harmonica to U.S. President Bill Clinton (see HIP No. 4 for the full story).
Table of Contents
From the Editor
Publicity Hound
Harmonica related news
William Clarke, Al Fiore, Don Les, Eddy Manson, Jerry Murad
Role Playing
Rockin' the bottom with the bass harmonica
Catch of the Day
We haul in a whole school of bottom feeders - the bass players in the harmonica family
Music Theory
Confused by music theory and reading? Have fun while you get HIP! Part 5 of a series
Basic Chord Prgressions - I IV V
Cut-Time Rhythms
Blues Chromatic
Part 5 - Blues in Ab
Peter Madcat Ruth
The serene, smiling wild man (who's that peering out from behind the curtain on the cover?) shares his meditations on the blues and other subjects
Brief Discography
Diatonic Technique
Whoopin' and Hollerin' - Vocalizing the Harmonica
Chromatic Workshop
Chromatics in different keys - why?
CD's by Larry Adler, Steve Baker and Chris Jones, Donald Black, William Clarke, Paul deLay, Carlos del Junco, Mark Hummel, Richard Hunter, Gabriel Labbe, Hendrik Meurkens, Little Anthony and Sugar Ray, the Hudson River Rats featuring Rob Papparozzi, Pete Pedersen, Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers, Brendan Power, Snooky Pryor, Paul Rishell and Annie Raines, Peter Madcat Ruth, Mike Stevens, Toots Thielemans, Trio Globo with Howard Levy, Kim Wilson, Smokey Wilson with Rod Piazza, Maria Wolfsberger, Various Artists (the Yokohama '95 World Harmonica Festival collection)