Which one is Howard, and 
which is his twin, Yvel Drawoh?
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HIP No. 4 (56 Pages)  
Table of Contents

From the Editor
Publicity Hound
All sorts of harmonica related news
Catch of the Day
We finally get our hands on a Bahnson Overblow Harp!
Music Theory
Fourth in a Series
Modals Vamps
Swing Rhythms
Blues Chromatic
Fourth in a Series
Blues Chromatic in G
Discography for blues chromatic in G

Howard Levy
My LIttle Corner of Infinity - or as much of it as he could convey in two lengthy interviews. The Overblow Pioneer speaks.
Brief Discography
Bela Fleck on voicing the harmonica
Diatonic Technique
Overblowing and Bending - All One Doughnut
Contributing Harmonica Researchers
A Brief History of Overblowing
Chromatic Workshop
Alternating-note ornaments, Part 1
Books: Kim Field
Video: Howard Levy's New Directions
CD's: Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan, Blues Traveler, Have Mercy, Michel Herblin, Doug Jay, Mississippi Heat, Brendan Power, Toots Thielemans, Kim Wilson