How could such an enormous man 
play such a little tiny thing 
so blazingly fast?
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HIP No. 2
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From The Editor
Winslow enthuses and hyperventilates
John Popper Interview
The enfant terrible of the diatonic, caught in all his iconoclasm during the band's meteoric rise
Publicity Hound
The news column is taken over by an early report of Hank Bahnson's invention, the Overblow Harp
Catch of the Day
The Low C Hohner 365 Marine Band has some deep low notes and some amazing high end bends! This article details all the possibilities!
Role Playing
This regular feature looks at how thinking like lead guitar can give harmonica a new take on the blues.
Music Theory - Grab it and Wail!
This regular feature always has one article on notes, intervals and chord, and another on rhythm. This time we get Intervals, Part 2 ,and Beating time, Part 2
Blues Chromatic
Second in a series. This time, we add the slide to D minor third position blues.
Diatonic Technique
We untangle the confusing high register, working with the blow bends and finding our way around the scale, looking at different classic approaches and figuring out new licks.
Blues Pioneers
The amazing 1928 recordings of George "Bullet" Williams get a close look, from his singing and screeching through the harp, to his astounding train piece with the five-hole tongue split!
Chromatic Workshop
We look at finding chord shapes in the tuning. This concept takes us away from strict note patterns to dynamic actions that form "shapes".
We review the second edition of Steve Bakers Harp Handbook, Blues Travelers' first two CD's, and Bobcat Bob Porter's Country Rhythm & Blues Cassette
Improvising is like Talking
All available space gets scribbled on, and the inside back cover is no exception. Here we discuss how you can use the concept of talking as a way to become more fluent at improvising.