OK, so it's me in these pictures.
I couldn't afford a model -
gimme a break!
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Publicity Hound
Diverse announcements from Bobcat Bob, Steve Baker, Hohner and the Santa Clara Valley Harmonica Club
From the Editor
Catch of the Day
The octave-tuned Auto Valve harp offers some tasty possibilities . . .
Role Playing
The harmonica can play many roles in a band. How about rhythm guitar, for a new take on chugging and accompaniment?
Blues Chromatic
First in a series. Starting with Chicago-style "deep dish" 64, the no-slide D minor third position approach that adapts so well from blues diatonic.
Performance Practices
Better playing through Breathing, Relaxation, and Tone
Blues Pioneers
DeFord Bailey, southern whiz, first black star of the Grand Ole Opry
Music Theory - Grab it and Wail!
Confused by theory and reading? Have fun while you get hip! First in a series.
Chromatic Workshop
Why does each octave have two ways to play F and three ways to play C? They give you choices, and choice notes can make a big difference in smooth phrasing.
Toots Thielemans, Norton Buffalo & Roy Rogers, Medford Slim, and Ken "Word Jazz" Nordine with Jerry Garcia and Howard Levy
Happy Birthday Reggae
Everyone knows Happy Birthday, but have you tried chugging it out in Reggae Rhythms using two diatonics? Not too hard, and lots of fun.