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HIP No. 3 (41 Pages)  
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Publicity Hound
The NAMM Show, New harmonica Inventions, updates of Howard Levy, Toots Thielemans, John Popper
Catch of the Day
The Steve Baker Special (SBS) Diatonic enxtends the bends into deep water - three extra holes below Hole 1. Learn how to take advantage of this new resource.
Role Playing
ACcompaying Singers and living to tell about it. Learning to duck is only the beginning!
Music Theory
Part two in a series. This time we cover substitute values and Modal Scales.
Blues Chromatic
Part 3. Raising classic D to Eb - then putting the slide in play!
Blues Eye View
Wired and Trippin' at the SPAH Convention - my first trip to a harmonica convention - what a blast!
Diatonic Technique
Exploring the bottom octave - treasures deep in the mud.
Chromatic Workshop
Phrasing by Diversion. Blow/Draw breath changes can chop up a smooth phrase. But an old magician's trick comes to the rescue.
CD's from Norton Buffalo, Paul deLay, Bela Fleck w/Howard Levy, Jon Gindick, Mark Hummel, Madcat & Kane, Hendrik meurkens, Little Mike & the Tornadoes, Toots Thielemans, and Mike Turk
Chord Surfing
Surfing used to mean riding a wave. Now, with remote control devices and the internet it means jumping from one thing to another. Both these concepts can be helpful if you're learning your way around the chords of a new progression, a new key, or a new harp position.